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Voice your Relief with Vinceel®

Sore throat is a common complaint, not just in winter, but in thesummer too, especially when there are wide temperature variations. There are many causes to sore throat which mainly exhibits symptoms of redness, swelling, hoarseness and painful swallowing. Sometimes it is caused by a slight irritation, for example, due to exposure to smoke or talking for prlonged periods of time. Howefver, there may also be an inflammation causing the throat soreness. In most cases, it is caused by a virus. When there is inflammation of the oral cavity or throat, we often note painful swelling of the tonsils.

Another common disorder of the oral cavity is mouth ulcers (canker sores). They are small, white or yellowis sores which occur on the tongue, the gums or the mucous membrane (lining) of the mouth and may be very painful. It is not yet entirely known what causes them, but experience shows that they mostly cocur in young adults and more commonly among women. Mouth ulcers sometimes cuase increased saliva flow and bad breath.

Vinceel® is a unique homeopathic mouth and throat spray which has a distinct soothing action on the oral and pharyngeal cavities. It is therefore recommended for all sorts of complaints such as sore throat, inflamed mucosa and gums, hoarseness and mouth ulcers. It provides a great advantage of homogenously distributing the active constituents onto the mucosa without providing unecessary sugar. The Sometimes it is caused by a slight irritation diversity of Vinceel®'s ingredients cover the most important variations of oral and throat inflammatory diseases. As many inflammatory processes of the mouth and throat are due to infections, the addition of Echinacea and Asclepias vincetoxicum as immunomodulators make all the more sense.

Indication: Vinceel® is a unique mouth and throat spray composed of 8 carefully selected natural ingredients to optimally soothe and relieve mouth and throat inflammatory conditions while alleviating associated pain and hoarseness. Vinceel® is ideal for symptoms such as sore, red and swollen throat as well as the occurrence of canker sores, inflamed and bleeding gums.

Benefits of Vinceel®

  • Red & swollen throat
  • Inflammation
  • Oral mucosa & mouth ulcers
  • Treats a broad range of mouth and throat conditions
  • Supports the body’s own defense system in order to assist self-healing, possesses antiviral and antibacterial properties
  • Safety and efficacy clinically demonstrated
  • No known medicinal interactions, may be combined with other natural or conventional therapies
  • Pleasant taste and does not cause burning or numbness

Additional Information

Known side effects: allergic skin reactions (redness, swelling and pruritus) can occur in very rare cases, in which case, discontinue use of the product.
Contraindication: hypersensitivity to one of the active ingredients, excipients or to plants of the daisy (Compositae) family.

For more infomration, see the two attachments below.

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