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About Us

Dr. O.K. Medical Center has created a caring environment that treats our patients with respect and dignity. 

For your comfort, both male and female physicians are available. 

We make use of fully paperless electronic systems for all medical records. This has allowed us to:

  • Maximize efficiency and reduce environmental waste
  • Securely access your health information around-the-clock
  • Facilitate preventive care
  • Increase accuracy and effectiveness in prescribing tests and medication
  • Assist our physicians' professional development by providing access to online resources

Electronic records are password protected and meet all requirements of the privacy legislation (The privacy Legislation - Bill 31).

Dr. O.K. Medical Center is a Teaching Facility affiliated with the Department of Family Medicine and the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University. 

Family Medicine residents as well as medical and nursing students interested in primary care will be rotating through our center. 


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